The Floridiot Files

Man blames in-flight masturbation on spilled Tobasco

A Florida man was arrested for exposing himself and possibly masturbating on a flight while sitting next to a 17 year old girl. His excuse? He claims to have spilled Tobasco on his groin and was "massaging" it to deal with the "incredible itch" that resulted.

The police did not buy his explanation.

Read the Police Report at The Smoking Gun

Recycle Your Sex Toys

A Wesley Chapel sex toy shop owner recently launched a new business, recycling:

The rubber and plastics will be transformed into park benches, playground mulch and decorative yard fixtures, Kowalsky said. [...]

Several recycling and environmental organizations, including the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, did not want to comment on Kowalsky's effort because of the nature of the products. Off the record, the groups' reps said they hadn't heard of any other sex toy recycling programs in the country. [...]

"This can't be serious," said Jennifer Seney, recycling coordinator for Pasco County. "It's certainly not recyclable material in my book."

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