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Charge: Unknown
Brevard County

Continuing our series on interesting tattoos... is that an anchor on his nose?

Jailbreak, Floridiot Style

Sylvester Jiles has to be taken to the hospital Tuesday for serious injures and severe blood loss suffered during an attempt to get over fences at the Brevard County Jail. Jiles made it through one barbed wire fence before attempting to scale a larger fence and falling off through three levels of razor wire.

The twist? He was trying to break IN!

Jiles had only been released from the Jail the previous Friday on probation, but claimed he had received death threats and wanted protective custody. Outside the jail he talked to deputies about his desire to be taken into custody, and while waiting for other deputies to arrive to investigate, he is reported to have been acting strangely and erratically. Apparently he became impatient and sprinted off to the fence line, where he began his failed reverse jailbreak attempt.

Surely there are easier and safer ways for a recent parolee to get back in jail?

Story at News4Jax

Not Actually a Crime

According to a story in Florida Today, for three months a Melbourne, FL woman changed the diapers of and fed bottles to a man in his 40s, believing him to be mentally disabled, only to find out he was a fake. After answering a posting on Craigslist by a man asking for assistance taking care of his disabled brother, Janet Schulte accepted the $600-a-week job, but after three months discovered that the job poster and the “brother” were one and the same. Police say no crime has been committed as the woman voluntarily accepted the job and was paid for the service.

This apparently is not the first time the man has indulged in this... er... infantile behavior. After posting a warning on Craigslist, according to another story at ClickOrlando, Ms. Schulte received seven responses from other women who had been duped!