The Floridiot Files

Rudolph the deer, on the loose

A deer named Rudolph escaped from a church nativity scene where he was portraying a reindeer and was chased by police before finally being caught "under the church's elf house in its Bethlehem Village area".

I didn't realize there were reindeer in Bethlehem. Nor elves, for that matter. You learn something every day!


Nice Try: Blame the Cat

Problem: you’ve been charged with possession of child pornography after more than 1000 such images are found on your computer.

Solution: Blame the cat!

According to this Sun Sentinel story, a defendant told detectives he found “strange material downloaded” after his cat jumped on his keyboard while he was out of the room. For 1000 images, that cat must have done a LOT of jumping. No word on wether police have interviewed the cat.

Mug Shot of the Week


Charge: Warrant for Failure To Appear, for Failure to Attach Animal License
Pasco County

Usually I pick a mug shot because I find the picture funny (or scary), but I picked this one not for the picture but the charge. Who gets arrested over dog tags, seriously? How do you let that situation escalate to the point that a bench warrant is issued for your arrest?

Plop-Plop the Emu Tasered

An older story, but too good to pass up:

An Emu named Plop-Plop escaped from a farm in Panama City and then “went crazy”. Deputies tasered the bird to get it under control. Plop-Plop made a full recovery.

This was the only Emu tasered in Florida this year, as far as I know, but not the only one in the country. Less than two weeks later, another Emu (name not given) was tasered by Pennsylvania State Police officers after a two hour attempt to catch the bird, who was running along eastbound lanes of the turnpike near Pittsburg causing all sorts of traffic problems. That Emu didn’t survive the jolt.