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Mug Shots of the Week

Two for Tuesday!

Since we've been focusing on bad tattoos lately, how can we leave out father and son team Floyd and Justin Bebee?


The Smoking Gun brought this pair to the internet's attention last year, but TFF decided to dig deeper. We tracked down the original booking information with Polk County Sheriffs Office to give you a timeline of their criminal careers. Click images for charge information.

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According to The Smoking Gun, this pair has more tattoos that aren't visible here: Floyd says the back of his head reads "Got-R-Did", while Justin's eyelids read "Fuck" and "You", respectively.

Mug Shot of the Week


Charge: Obtaining a controlled substance
Hernando County

Yet another interesting tattoo... is that supposed to be a tiara!?

Mug Shot of the Week


Charge: Unknown
Brevard County

Continuing our series on interesting tattoos... is that an anchor on his nose?

Mug Shot of the Week


Charge: DUI
Hillsborough County

You have the right to remain silent.... but it won’t help much while wearing that shirt.

Story at News4Jax

Mug Shot of the Week


Charge: DUI
Hillsborough County


Mug Shot of the Week

Meet Sean Roberts. Do you think you’d recognize him if you saw him again?


Well, thanks to the Florida tattoo on his face, the victims of his home invasion robbery did, and had no trouble identifying him from a photo. Roberts and his partner in the crime were soon arrested. By the way, in addition to the Florida tattoo, he has another on his head (not visible in this photo) that reads “Crazy Cracker”.

I really think this guy was at a disadvantage being a Floridian. Think about it... a tiny Rhode Island tattoo probably wouldn’t have been noticed and he might have gotten away with the crime!

Full story at Tampa Bay Online.

Mug Shot of the Week


Charge: Warrant for Failure To Appear, for Failure to Attach Animal License
Pasco County

Usually I pick a mug shot because I find the picture funny (or scary), but I picked this one not for the picture but the charge. Who gets arrested over dog tags, seriously? How do you let that situation escalate to the point that a bench warrant is issued for your arrest?

Mug Shot of the Week


Charge: Burglary with Assault or Battery
Pasco County

I chose this one because Cathy’s friendly smiling face seems a bit incongruous with the crime. I would have guessed Running a Bake Sale without a Food Vendor’s License, or somesuch...

Actually, the photo almost looks like it could have come off a Real Estate Agent’s flyer.... Cathy W! #1 agent on the West Side!

Though, come to think of it with the market the way it is, she could be a realtor that turned to a life of crime...

Mug Shot of the Week


Charge: Assignation of Prostitution
Orange County

Meet Mr. Love (real name!). The John Waters mustache really completes the look, I think...

Mug Shot of the Week


Charge: DUI
Pasco County

From the picture, I’m guessing he was well over the limit...