The Floridiot Files

Rudolph the deer, on the loose

A deer named Rudolph escaped from a church nativity scene where he was portraying a reindeer and was chased by police before finally being caught "under the church's elf house in its Bethlehem Village area".

I didn't realize there were reindeer in Bethlehem. Nor elves, for that matter. You learn something every day!


A Heated Argument... Har Har!

A Ft. Lauderdale area women, who admitted being in a "heated verbal argument" with her boyfriend, has been arrested on assault charges for allegedly setting the crotch of his pants on fire while he slept. The man, who reported awakening to a "burning sensation," was unharmed.

(I guess there is no such charge as "trouser arson"?)


Drunk Burglar Held at Gunpoint by 91-year-old Naked Man

The headline pretty much covers it. Full story here.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Dance!

A woman and her daughter driving in Palm Beach Gardens reported a man naked except for a black tank top standing by the side of the road, twirling around "like a ballerina".

On his arrest, the man told police he had only pulled his pants down for a short time. Perhaps it was easier to twirl without them?


No Way to Tree-t Family

A Parrish, Florida man who lives with his parents was arrested for throwing a Christmas tree at his father, and then, when the tree missed, trying to use the tree stand as a weapon.